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    What is the temple of New Sakkara?

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    The Temple of New Sakkara is an antenna system created by the Brotherhood (John the Beloved, Mary Magdalene, Hilarian, and St. Germaine) to put the heart energy back into the grid and to train people to heal the planet so that destructive weather conditions can be controlled.

    In the period of time just after the destruction of Atlantis the Earth was cracked by mans inability to control his ego and anger (emotions). The same conditions exist today. That is why the weather is out of control - the orbit of the Earth is being changed by these same emotions. Back then, the Brotherhood came to humanitys help and offered to rebuild the damaged planet. To do this it was necessary to reestablish the polarity that had been destroyed. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built as an antennae system to stabilize the orbit of the planet and balance its polarity. It is important to understand that the pyramid is an antenna system, and that Stonehedge is the control panel for this antenna system.

     In 1968, the Hardy family was contacted by the Brotherhood and asked to build a new antennae system to help balance the grid at the present time. In 1975 the Hardy Family constructed a copy of the Giza pyramid and created the Temple of New Sakkara. The model of the Giza pyramid is tuned to the Heart chakra. The reason for creating New Sakkara was to reintroduce heart energy into the grid. The amazing thing that happened right away was that this pyramid ended the abnormalities in the Bermuda Triangle. The crack in the Earth created the Atlantic ocean. That is why the addition of heart energy into this area ended the abnormalities.

     The school where humanity was trained to move the large blocks that allowed the pyramid of Giza to be built, was called Sakkara. The physical Sakkara, today, is located about 25 kilometers from the Great Pyramid at Giza. This website, The Temple of Sakkara, is being designed so that humanity can remember the wisdom that was taught there. Many of us have been trained at Sakkara.

     Now we have created the Temple of New Sakkara so that people can be trained to reintroduce heart energy back into the grid. It is now time to remember your training and to use this wisdom to help humanity advance into higher planes of consciousness. This website brings you the history of the Essenes, the Knights Templar, and the Sister and Brotherhood of the Emerald Fire.


     We have divided this website into 7 categories:

    o The Emerald Fire: The Sister/Brotherhood of the Emerald Fire is a society of people that were trained at Sakkara. Here the art of Healing with Essential Oils and sacred geometry were taught.

    o Secret Knowledge: Contains a 14 page essay from Ken Cousens which explains time and space and how past, present and future all fit in reality. He has an explanation of the treaty that ended Dec 21, 1999, when the Earth was closest to the sun.

    o Knights Templar: This is a rough outline of a book that Mary plans to write soon. It explains how to contact the Knights so that you can work with them.

    o A View of Sakkara: Sakkara is the actual school where the Emerald Fire was created. The song "Greensleeves," is actually the music that was used to move the blocks. It got its name when the students from Sakkara were required to move the blocks that built the Great Pyramid. When they stuck the rods of P'tah into the platforms that moved the blocks, their arms glowed green. The music that was used to move the blocks got its name from this fact. Later on people that were trained in this knowledge wore green sleeves because whenever they used this knowledge to heal or to levitate, their arms would glow green - the neutral point between infrared and ultraviolet, now know as zero point energy. That is why the Magdalene often wore green sleeves. Includes excerpts from the book "Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, the Science of Man.

    o Annual Sakkara Conference: Information about the annual conference every year around the end of July and the first of August. The Hardy's invite people to their land to learn this knowledge. This year, the conference will be held the weekend of August 5. If you are interested in this material, click on "Oils, Tapes, Blueprints." We have a list of audio tapes available from last years conference.

    o About Rev. Mary Hardy is a short biography of the author.

    o Oils, Books, Blueprints: Here you will find information on ordering many of the products that are spoken of throughout this site.

    When the Great Pyramid was built, an illusionary grid was set up by a treaty. Mankind was given Freewill, but because humanity was only a child, an illusionary grid to control humanity was set up. (Perhaps by the Syrians or the Andromedans?) The purpose was to allow humanity to overcome the third dimension and yet maintain his immature emotions. The treaty ended December 31, 1999. That is why the Illuminati, the people who wish to bring you the New World Order, are scrambling to recap the Great Pyramid so that the illusionary grid can be reestablished. They have created an atmosphere of fear by bringing us Y2K. They even rearranged the calendar so that they could bring the illusion of fear at the changing of the millennium. Many people know that this calendar was manipulated. Understand, that this state was manipulated to create fear. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Because as long as you remain in fear, they will be able to reestablish the illusionary grid and control humanity, so we cannot advance into a higher frequency.

    The Knights Templar knew of this treaty and strove to rebalance the grid by building cathedrals so that humanity could resonate with a higher frequency. These cathedrals were built on sacred power points. The Knights knew that the Essene community had the knowledge with the Ark of the Covenant to create a grid of love on the planet. Their real purpose was to deal with Alchemy. Not the point of changing water to wine, or lead to gold, but to change gross man into a Christed Being, so that the experiment on Earth could be fulfilled. Mankind is a combination of 22 different genetically encoded star systems. We were created to bring peace and harmony into the consciousness of the Pleiadian galaxy. We are an experiment. When we can become one with our encodement, humanity can bring peace and love through Freewill to this planet. Then the whole of the Pleiadian galaxy will experience the same.

    Late in the Eleventh century, a group of men known as the Clandestine monks created the Crusades to win back Jerusalem, so that they could reestablish the Essene knowledge on the planet. Jerusalem means "New Salem." Salem was the birth place of the Order of Melchizidek. It is here that the wisdom of the Essenes came from. This is why the Crusades were created.

    In 1099, Jerusalem was recaptured. Godfrey was made the king of Jerusalem and allowed nine men to dig in the ruins of Solomon's temple to find the secrets of the Essenes. The Essene material was buried with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. In 1118, the Order of the Knights Templar was founded to protect this discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and records of Essene wisdom. The Templars used the Ark of the Covenant to advance in time so that they could bring back the architecture of the great cathedrals to reestablish the grid so that humanity could advance in consciousness, and the great Pleiadian experiment could be accomplished. It is now time that humanity understands this history and protects this wisdom. We are a planet of Freewill and we are a creation of love. Fear and deception will destroy us, whereas the love vibration and an understanding of who we are will bring peace and harmony to the entire galaxy.


Crop Circles June 2013

    On June 2nd this Crop Circle appeared near Silbury Hill, about 30 miles from Stonehedge. The was the first Crop Circle that appeared in England in 2013. This was 6 days before I spoke at the Dowser’s in Vermont. This Crop Circle was like a compass and showed the imbalance between inner Earth and outer Earth and the wobble of the orbit on the the planet. During the talk, I had people create a Holy Grail Vortex over the Great Pyramid, which is the sword and over Avebury, which is the cup. We then poured the energy from this exercise into Stonehedge by placing the compass over Stonehedge. Kenneth Killick told me that after the destruction of Atlantis Stonehedge was created to correct the tip and tilt of the Earth. At the end of the talk, I had the group of Dowsers place this Crop Circle over Stonehedge so that we could balance the tip and the tilt of the planet and return it to a balanced orbit. The Crop Circles that followed in the next few weeks are amazing and demonstrate the story in Crop Circles.


    One week later, on the 9th of June, in a field nearby, a diamond shaped Crop Circle appeared. I believe this signified that the diamond that the sisters place over their heart was used to balance the planet and to correct the tip and tilt of the Earth. When I saw this, I felt that we had done good work. And I feel that the process of balancing the planet into a stable orbit has begun. Since 2009 I have been told that the Crop Circles will tell us the history of what is being done with the grid and how we can correct different phases of the problems on Earth. Example: Using the Crop Circles to stop the pandemic. In 2009 there were 79 Crop Circles in England and 2/3s of them were used to change the frequency within the grid to stop the H1N1 virus. Every time they came up wih a slightly new frequency a Crop Circle would appear to prevent this frequency from creating a pandemic. Stonehedge is the main control panel to balance the tip and tilt of the Earth and to change the frequency so that the energies on Earth will benefit mankind instead of harm mankind. Using the Crop Circles we can rid the planet of radiation, change the frequencies within the GMOs to benefit mankind and to lessen weather abnormalities.


    On June 21, Phase 1 of this next Crop Circle appeared. It is showing the imbalance of the orbit of the planet. We use the Great Pyramid as the sword to restabilize the tip and tilt of the Earth. The inside of the Great Pyramid is a DJED. The next day, Phase 2 of this Crop Circle appeared over the circles of the Crop Circle that show the imbalance of the planet. In Phase 2, we now see a compass with all 4 points balanced. Showing that the stabelizing unit of the DJED in the Great Pyramid was used when we placed the Crop Circle of June 2nd over Stonehedge and used Avebury as the cup to reactivate the balancing of Stonehedge to stabelize a more normal orbit for the planet. This is what I am reading into these Crop Circles. Interestingly enough researchers of Crop Circles recognize the center line as a DJED. I feel that this is proof that we can use the Crop Circles to reengineer the planet to bring balance into the wrongs that are being done against humanity. We cannot change things to better ourselves, we can only use the Crop Circles to bring balance.


    On June 25th, the final Crop Circle in this group appeared near Silbury Hill. All of these Crop Circles appeared in fields near Silbury Hill. Silbury Hil is a circular pyramid that was built before the Great Pyramid to generate the energy to build Stonehedge and Avebury. The last Crop Circle that appeared on June 25th shows that balance was brought into the planet by the use of the sword and the cup.


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